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In a nutshell

Measuring Envelope products and systems contributing to next generation of healthy nearly Zero Energy Buildings (MEZeroE) is a research project that has been funded by the European Commission within the H2020 Programme call “NMBP-05-2020 – Open Innovation Test Beds for functional materials for building envelopes”, whose aim is to support and promote innovation and standardisation in the building sector, contributing to the EU building stock transformation.

Fragmentation and the complex structure of the building market are among the main barriers to technology innovation in this sector; in this context, MEZeroE offers an open innovation ecosystem for the development, testing and upscaling of smart and bio-based, human-centric envelope products, combining infrastructure facilities and expertise of academic and research centers, with innovative solutions proposed by industry to bring disruptive changes into the building market.

The MEZeroE Consortium represents a large portion of Europe, and the many partners can be clustered in 4 main categories:

 RTD, including research centers, universities and laboratories with important testing infrastructures and high awareness of the market needs for performance characterization and certification;

 IND, including innovation driven SMEs and bigger industry players;

 M&V, including three complementary very dynamic SMEs ready to share a common data platform with a unique API as access point;

 BIZ, including specialized SMEs enabling to develop, promote and exploit the MEZeroE open innovation platform as a multi-side virtual marketplace containing a demand/offer matching environment, as well as lot of contents to support innovation processes, knowledge transfer and performance-based product characterization.