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Building Energy Efficiency pilot


Become a reference test-pilot for different target groups (e.g. materials producers, façades manufacturers, practitioners, building contractors, investors and end-users) that would like to develop innovative solutions, providing a comprehensive M&V approach of nEES.


Provide a combination of multiscale modelling testing and numerical analysis for multi-layer dry nEES, in terms of: thermal, acoustic, air quality and air resistance performances.

Fundamental values

As a nEES test-chain, we constantly enhance our competencies and our research expertise to provide pioneering, evidence-based and high-quality solutions.

BEEpilot Services

Thermal, acoustic, air quality and air resistance tests on full-scale wall (1) and roof (2) nEESs.

Thermal, acoustic, air quality, air resistance and photometric tests on windows, roof windows or curtain walls (3) and shading (4) nEESs.

Performance and monitoring test on different PV panel solutions (5).

MEZeroE H2020 Project

MEZeroE (GA n. 953157) is an EU funded and distributed open innovation ecosystem for the development, testing and upscaling of smart and bio-based, human-centric envelope solutions, combining infrastructure facilities and expertise of renowned academic and research centers, with innovative solutions proposed by enterprises, to bring disruptive changes into the building market.

MEZeroE aims to create a fertile ecosystem in the shape of a multi-side virtual marketplace, open to exploit cross-fertilization among stakeholders in the construction industry. The ecosystem will provide turn-key start-up and upscaling services for: modelling, testing, and monitoring nZEB Enabler Envelope technology Solutions (nEES), while setting up a comprehensive knowledge management environment as well as tailored training.

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